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Saturday, 19 July 2014

We Love You My Dear Lovely Neighbour

We love the brightness your dinner table and company always brings

We love the freshness of your salads and of your perspective on life

We love how you always manage to perfect the spicing of your food and spice up our lives along the way

We love how you are always considerate in your menu choice and in everything you do, always.

We love you my dear lovely neighbour!

Friday, 18 July 2014

How To Describe Cafe Brixton

Unique is what comes to mind describing Café Brixton.

A unique setting on all levels - the decor, the room, the seating furniture and this lovely basin.

While I settled for the drink special (some strawberry lemonade that was delicious), it was a working lunch.

If not, they have a selection of Absinthe that I am very tempted to try including a locally made one from Vernon called Taboo.

Why waste printed menus or use a chalk board like everyone else when you can stand out of the crowd and write your specials by hand on a paper bag.

And deserving unique status needs to be reflected in the food offering - a vegetarian meatloaf sandwich with whiskey BBQ sauce and crispy onions.

212 East Georgia
Vancouver, BC

Caffe Brixton on Urbanspoon

Thursday, 17 July 2014


I have no idea why I chose to include Dawatt Indian Restaurant's review as part of Wacky Thursdays.

Is it because the place is so dark and enclosed while the rest of Kelowna is out in the sun?

Or could it be the racy art filling up the walls?

May it be the big chunky samosa they make?

Or the fact of having Indian food in Kelowna enough to make this a wacky food adventure?

Or simply it fell on a Thursday and the place was wacky enough to fit the bill?

Whatever it is, Dawatt is not a bad Indian place, despite being benchmarked against all those Vancouver Indian Restaurants I have tried.

The tastes could be finer, the presentation could be fancier to fit the restaurant's art. But overall, a good enough experience if you are craving Indian in Kelowna.

Dawett Fine Indian Cuisine
1435 Ellis
Kelowna, BC


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

July Birthdays

The Third celebrated July birthday (Read the First & Second) took the simplicity of celebrating friends' birthdays to an extreme.

We celebrated on the patio of Trees Organic Coffee with mango smoothies and cheese cakes.

We couldn't decide which of  all-delicious cheese cake options to share, so we went for two.

The mango was fresh and very well coordinated for the picture with the mango smoothie.

The chocolate - well, who would say no to a marbled chocolate cheese cake.

Even the generous scoops of whipped cream were delicious.

And this brings us to the end of the July birthdays.

Trees Organic Coffee
2655 Arbutus Street
Vancouver, BC

Trees Organic Coffee on Urbanspoon


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

July Birthdays

Continuing with the theme of simple July Birthdays (Read yesterday's July Birthdays article), this celebration was even simpler.

The party revolved around dessert only. For this one, it was a passion fruit blueberry cake from Sweet e's

A drink, some tea, a cake, happy get together and warm birthday wishes made this another special evening for one of my 7 mid-July friends.

As for the cake, there are really no words to describe how excellent it is and give it credit - you just need to pick up one or become my friend and you may get one.

Monday, 14 July 2014

July Birthdays

I have 7 dear friends who are born between July 13 and July 15.

This makes mid-July a very active social time. Unfortunately, this year work was very busy distracting me from doing justice to all of those friends, so only three of them ended up being celebrated.

For those, the rules of the celebrations were clear:

- No time to cook a feast, so keep it simple and order in.

- No time to order or make a cake, then drive 10 minutes to Sweet e's and have all the options you want.

- Make up for the simplicity with cute gifts. 

This celebration included ordering in a sushi feast and consuming some beverages.

This was followed by Sweet e's infamous flourless chocolate silk cake.

Yes, it may look small for a party of four; but as the owner of Sweet e's keeps on reminding me, one should not eat more than one quarter of this very very rich cake.

A beautiful evening with one of the dear mid-July friends enjoyed in le jardin.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

An Impressive Sunday Brunch

How to put on an impressive Sunday Brunch without doing any work? (other than showcasing cat gadgets that is)

Go shopping at Sweet e's the day before, pick up delicious fresh muffins, some Chris Brown's artisan breads, some sweets and voila, a spontaneous impressive brunch is served.

Sweet e's

2032 West 41st
Vancouver, BC