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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

BierCraft or Stella's?

Kitchen is still dysfunctional, thus the day after day of eating out. But stay tuned, I will be cooking in somerville kitchen before end of week. Meanwhile, business lunches are keeping me well fed.

Destination was Stella's on commercial drive, only to find out that it was renamed as BierCrafts.

Tapas to share included Sesame Tuna - black sesame crusted yellow fin seared tuna with wilted spinach (which was even tastier than the tuna).

Fish Tacos, a favourite of my guest and part of the day's special, could not be ignored. Nicely presented and as much nice tasting.

My guest also found out that the change in name has something to do with a bakery in Edmonton called Stella's who is forcing anyone using the name to ditch it. 

From sea to land we moved with the Beef Carpaccio - the crispy capers were the best of accompaniments that also included Spanish onion shavings and garlic rouille.

The mystery of the name change continued - why a generic name like BierCraft to replace something as unique as Stella's? The logo looks like a sign for draft beer brand.

Our feet on the ground continued with the Korean Ribs - barbequed beef short ribs with pickled ginger and fresh spinach sesame nori salad.

While I ate three quarters of that platter myself, I still think my Korean BBQ was far tastier and definitely more fun to prepare and eat (see Korean BBQ).

Time for some carbohydrates with the Arancini - saffron and roasted vegetable risotto balls with balsamic "crema" and sweet chili suace. 

Definitely a sweet ending to the meal. By now I stopped caring about what happened to Stella.

1191 Commercial Drive
3305 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC

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