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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Unicorn

You may have seen this unicorn few weeks ago while reading Brunching at Rhizome.

Back at Rhizome for lunch and to visit with my cute unicorn friend. 
The place did not feel as psychedelic as it did at a pre-Christmas brunch.

But the place still has its caring and good food vibes, even though the lunch crowd is less eclectic than its brunch one.

Lunch was a tasty tomato Baked Polenta  - a cornmeal cake baked with tomato stew and topped with melted cheese.

Very enjoyable meal; healthy with the side salad, but not very filling (a good thing).

Now I could have walked out feeling very filled if I insisted on having this divine looking cake.

But I restrained (I'll wait for an afternoon break and remember Rhizome).

 Rhizome Café
317 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC

 Rhizome Café on Urbanspoon 

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